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It is with sincere regret that the board of directors of the Neighborhood Writing Alliance announce the dissolution of the organization.  The Neighborhood Writing Alliance has suffered from the economic crisis, as have so many non-profit organizations, as individuals have found themselves with fewer dollars to give away.  We could not responsibly continue to maintain the organization in the face of drastic budget cuts.  During its 17-year history, the Neighborhood Writing Alliance has served hundreds of writers throughout Chicago with free weekly writing workshops that offered valuable critiques and motivation, and a family with whom to share life experiences and challenges.  The Neighborhood Writing Alliance published the works of these writers in over 80 publications of the Journal of Ordinary Thought which brought satisfaction to hundreds of subscribers who relished the opportunity to connect with their Chicago neighbors in new ways.  

As we close our doors and reflect, we are particularly grateful to our writing workshop leaders who as volunteers dedicated so much of themselves - hours reading and editing pieces, coordinating workshops, and serving as a friend and leader to writers each week.    We thank all of our funders -- both individual and institutional -- who contributed financially to this worthwhile endeavor.  Finally, we want to thank our writing workshop participants who contributed poems and stories, provided motivation to their fellow writers, and showed up week after week.  We hope that each you continue to write and enhance the lives of others.

Neighborhood Writing Alliance Board of Directors

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